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Saturday 19th January, 2019 at Coombe Farm, Lancing

Entries £6 in advance only. Enter online  Closing date for Entries: 11.59pm on Weds, 16th January, 2019.


12.00 Numbers available for collection by team managers.

1.00pm Masters Men - over 50 + over 60 5 miles (8,000m)

1.40 Masters Women - over 35, over 45, over 55 5 miles (8,000m)

2.25 Masters Men - over 40 5 miles (8,000m)

3.20 Cut off time for course marshalling & recording Ages as at date of competition.

Numbers will be issued to team managers on the day.

Eligibility: All athletes must have a Sussex County qualification through Birth or Residence. Residence requires nine months continuous residence in the County prior to the date of the competition. All athletes must be affiliated to England Athletics and their affiliation membership number shown on the entry form.

No athlete will be able for awards unless competing in their club vests. This is the responsibility of the club.

Team Managers are asked to advise Athletes with disabilities who wish to enter that they should contact the Entries Secretary on 01273 696672 to discuss the individual implications of the disability risk assessment.

Awards: Medals will be awarded to first 3 runners in each age group and to the first three teams in each of the above categories. Teams will comprise the first 3 finishers for each club, except for over 40 men, which will be 4 to score. Athletes are not permitted to score in two different age groups i.e. as individuals for one age group and in the team competition for another age group. Presentation of Awards for all races will take place as soon as the results are known and proceedings allow.

DATA PROTECTION - In entering this event, athletes are agreeing to Sussex AA publishing personal information as part of results and passing such information on to the governing body and/or affiliated organisations. Data may also be used to provide information on future events. Any queries regarding this contact Kate Matthews (



Held in conjunction with Surrey AA Championships

Under UKA Rules for Competition

16th & 17th February

At the David Weir Leisure Centre,

Middleton Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 1SL

On-line entries only:

Event prospectus available for download below.

Entry fee £6.50 per event

Entries Close at 23:59hrs on Thursday 7th February 2019

All enquiries to:




Race 1             Saturday     10th November 2018                  Stanmer Park, Brighton                   BN1 9SE

Race 2             Saturday       1st December 2018                  Stanmer Park, Brighton                  BN1 9SE

Race 3             Saturday       9th February 2019                   Bexhill Leisure Centre                     TN39 4HS

Race 4             Saturday       2nd March 2019  (Provisional)           Venue to be announced                   


12.00               Under 11 Girls (years 5 & 6 only)                              2.0 km approx             (1.2 miles)

12.10               Under 11 Boys (years 5 & 6 only)                             2.0 km approx             (1.2 miles

12.30               Under 13 Girls                                                           3.0 km approx             (1.8 miles)

12.45               Under 13 Boys                                                          3.0 km approx             (1.8 miles)

13.00               Under 15 Girls                                                           4.0 km approx             (2.5 miles)

13.20               Under 15 Boys                                                          4.0 km approx             (2.8 miles)

13.40               Under 17 Men                                                           5.0 km approx             (3.0 miles)

14.05               Under 17, U20, Sen & Vet women                            5.0 km approx             (3.0 miles)

14.35               Under 20, Sen & Vet Men                                         8.0 km approx             (5.0 miles)

Due to the rescheduling of the Goodwood Relays to 13th October, we are left with only 3 confirmed League Dates at present. As it stands ALL 3 races will score for both individual and team medals.

IF a club comes forward with a venue to host a 4th match on 2nd March, then Individuals will score in 3 out of 4 races.

Teams will score in all races , whether 3 or 4.

Presentations will be made at the Sussex Relays on Saturday 6th April


  1. Entry Fee £5.00 for Seniors & Veterans.    £4.00 for U13, U15, U17, U20.     £3 for U11

All entries on the day. Race numbers to be collected at registration when making payment.

 2.        All competitors must be 11 years old or over on the day to run in the Under 13 race.

 3.        Age groups: as on 31st August 2018. Veterans as age on the day of race.

 4.        Under 17 Women – will again this year have their own individual and team category. They will ALSO be able to score in their club’s senior team. Under 17 Men must run in the U17 Men’s race.

 5.        All Junior, Senior, Veteran Women and Men must declare age groups when entering, i.e. U20, Senior,             V40, V50, V60, V70 for Men, and U17, U20, Senior, V35, V45, V55, V65 for Women

6.        For individual awards the best three results will count from the 3 or 4 fixtures.  Individual medals will be awarded to the first three in all groups, including all three Veteran categories, male and female.

 7.        Team Awards for all age groups will be based on the aggregate of all four races.

            All Juniors             U13, U15, U17 three to score. (no under 11 team race)

            Senior Women       (includes U17,U20, Veterans) There will be two divisions again this season.

            Division 1 (four to score)  Lewes A,  Arena 80 A, Chichester A, Hailsham, Brighton Phoenix A, Brighton & Hove A plus Horsham Blue Star and Hastings promoted from Division 2.

            Division 2 (three to score) all other teams including other B and C teams.

            Womens Veteran League Three to score. Veterans can score in Senior and veterans teams.

           Senior Men.            There will be three divisions again this season. 

           Division 1 (six to score) – Lewes A, Haywards Heath A, Brighton Phoenix A, Brighton & Hove A,  Arena 80 A, Crawley A  plus Chichester A and Brighton Phoenix B promoted from Division 2.

           Division 2 (four to score) -  Hastings A, Horsham BS / Horsham Joggers, Haywards Heath B, Brighton & Hove B,  Brighton Phoenix C, Burgess Hill plus Lewes B and Eastbourne / Bodyworks  promoted from Division 3.

            Division 3 (four to score) all other teams including other ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams.

            Mens Veteran League.  Teams will be three to score. Veterans can score in Senior and Veteran teams.

   8.      Composite teams will be allowed. They will need to notify the league organiser before the first race.

   9.      Club colours must be worn by all competitors.

 10.      2nd claim athletes may run and score both as individuals and in team events.

 11       Athletes with disabilities who wish to enter any of the league races should contact the league             organiser beforehand to discuss the suitability of the course(s) for their disability

 12.      Incomplete teams – the position of the last runner in each race + 10 points will be added.

            RESULTS: Results will be available on the Sussex County athletics website after each race.

Any enquires to League Secretary, Philip Baker,   Tel: 01243 533784.   Email:    


For eligibility to compete, athletes provide personal data including a DOB, club affiliation, England Athletics registration number, contact information.  This data is held on our system as a record of performances (PBs, CBPs, records). It is also used as a way of providing information on future events etc. Unless it is requested that this information is removed, by emailing 

Removing this information would mean any records set will not appear on the Sussex AA website/in literature. Furthermore, your result would not be published on the Sussex AA website, on Po10 and in Athletics Weekly. On top of this, we would not be able to provide county team managers, newspapers and officials any of your contact details.