The weekend

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Competition this weekend is mainly split between Popham Airfield, near Basingstoke in Hampshire, Goodwood and Reykjavik in Iceland so it will be cold where ever you are.

The South East Schools Inter-counties Cross country match will be held at Popham and Sussex will be fielding teams in each of the six races and many of the runners will be striving to catch the selector’s eyes for the teams for the English Schools championships at Leeds in March.

The first four runners in the Sussex Schools Championships have already booked their places in the teams and many of those runners will choose to take a break this weekend.

            Chichester 10km

On Sunday the Sussex 10km road racing championships will be held at Goodwood Aerodrome incorporated into the annual Chichester 10km road race.

In recent years the Chichester event has attracted the fastest times of all the Sussex Road Races.


Following his fine 1500 metre run in Vienna last Sunday Archie Davis (Brighton Phoenix) has been selected for the England senior team for the Iceland Indoor Games.

In Vienna Davis finished third, ahead of the two selected England runners, in 3:45.63s.