County Qualification Details

County Qualification

All entrants for Sussex County Championships athletics events must have a Sussex County Qualification. This requires birth in the county or residence. Residence requires nine months continuous residence in the county immediately prior to the date of competition. (See UKA Supplement 21 S 6 to the UKA Rules of Competition below) 

Attendance at the University of Sussex or any Further Education establishment does not qualify an athlete to compete in the County Championships, unless they have a birth or residential qualification. 


County Qualification for Sussex Championship Road Races

Each year one 10k and one half-marathon road race in the county is nominated to be the County Championship race, and Sussex medals awarded in addition to any normal race medals and awards.

All entrants will be automatically included in the Sussex county championships if they indicate they are a member of a club affiliated to Sussex Athletics. They must also hold a Sussex county qualification in accordance with Rule 21 S 6.

For the team competition they must also be first claim members of a Sussex registered club or second claim members if their first claim club is not registered with Sussex Athletics, and be wearing their club vest.


The following extract is taken from UK Athletics - Rules for Competition - effective from 1st April 2018 and is reproduced with permission from UKA. This information is provided as a guide only and should not be considered as a definitive statement of the rules.



(1) English County Qualification

 (i) County Championships are open to all eligible athletes possessing a County qualification.

(ii) A County qualification may be acquired as follows:

 (a) By birth (see also Rule 21 S4(1)

 (b) By nine month’s continuous bona fide residence in the County immediately prior to the competition.

(c) By service in a Unit of HM Forces stationed in the County for nine months immediately prior to the date of the competition. Temporary absence on duty shall not break a qualification acquired under this paragraph.

NOTE: Membership of a Club affiliated to a County Association does not, of itself, provide an athlete with a County qualification unless at least one of (a) – (c) is above is satisfied.

(iii) Competitors who have qualified and competed, under (1)(ii)(b) or (c) above retain that qualification until they have acquired a residential qualification and competed in the Championship of another County, or represented another County in an Inter-County Championship.

(iv) A student at school, college or university does not acquire a residential qualification by residence in the County during term time only (See also (x) below).

(v) An athlete who has competed in a County Championship (other than is allowed under (x) below) or represented a County in an Inter-County competition, may not compete in the Championships of, nor represent, another County in that Competition Year.

(vi) County Inter-Team (including relay) Championships are open to: (a) Any Club affiliated to the County Association, fulfilling the appropriate requirements of Rule 21 S2(4)

(b) Any Unit of HM Forces stationed in the County

(c) Any school, college or business house in the County

NOTE: Every member of a team must hold a County qualification for that event as defined in (ii) above.

(vii)A County may at its discretion limit Team Championships to affiliated Clubs.

(viii) Athletes whose first claim Club is not affiliated to the County Association may compete for their second claim Club in a County Inter-Team Championship if they possess the necessary County qualification.

(ix) A Club may affiliate to more than one County.

 (x) A County may at its discretion relax the qualification in the case of athletes in term-time residence at a school, college or university within its boundaries, but competition in any such events shall not be deemed to have established a County qualification for any inter-county competition. This discretion is not extended to include athletes of any age attending only as day students at the institution concerned.

(xi) Where County boundaries are changed by law, affecting the place of birth or residence of an athlete, thereby moving it from County A to County B the following shall apply: (a) if athletes have already competed for County A, or in the Championships of County A, under (ii) above, they shall retain the existing birth or residential qualification unless notice is given in writing to the Honorary Secretary of County A that they wish henceforth to be qualified for County B.

(b) if athletes have not competed for County A or in the Championship of County A under (ii) above, the place of birth shall be deemed to have been in County B and any period of residence in County A to have been in County B.

(xii)Competitors in an Inter-County Championship must possess a County qualification under (ii) above for the County they represent.