Urgent Call For Volunteers To Become Officials

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An Urgent Message From Roland Garrad, President of Sussex AAA: "There are currently 38 clubs affiliated to Sussex AAA. It is disappointing, therefore, that to date so few people have registered for the upcoming officials course on 18th March. Unless we increase our numbers of officials, we will soon be unable to run meetings in the County, either at Club or County level, and this will ultimately result in the gradual demise of athletics in the future. ALL CLUBS must do more to encourage members to take up the challenge if we are to see our sport survive. Do not delay, sign up today!" The Level 1 Officials Course is being held at the Lewes track on Sunday 18 March. At the moment sign up numbers are so low, the course is in jeopardy. Full details about signing up are on the EA website under Officials. Follow the links to the courses for all the information. Booking a place has to be done the old-fashioned way (not online) but is quick and simple. Most clubs usually meet the cost. Don't hesitate - book now.