Welfare & Inclusiveness

Welfare – We are all responsible for it!

Athletics is about running, race walking,  jumping and throwing as fast, as high and as far as you can. Sussex Athletics Association aims to create an environment where everyone involved in athletics feels safe and secure to enable them to achieve their potential – to run, jump and throw, to coach, officiate or to support those who do.

Welfare covers a range of issues such as safeguarding and protecting children, anti-bullying, equity, poor practice in coaching and disciplinary and grievances matters. It encompasses policies and procedures to set out minimum standards of expectations, such as codes of conduct, procedures to follow for dealing with child protection concerns, other welfare issues or complaints, and to ensure that England Athletics, clubs and our county association meet their statutory responsibilities to safeguard and protect children.

Each club should have a welfare officer and they are your first point of call if you have any concerns or queries. 

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Sussex AA Inclusive Policy has been drawn up following consultation with England Athletics with regard to Disabilty Legislation and the organisation of events in the county. 

It takes the form of a general Policy to be adopted in order to uphold the Disability and Discrimination Act, and Guidance for Race Organisers in order to ensure safety and fairness for all involved in the sport. 

England Athletics have also produced a more detailed Inclusion Policy and a document giving Guidance to Inclusive Practice for Race Organisers. 

The Inclusion Policy has been produced as part of England Athletics' commitment to ensure that athletes of all abilities are able to participate equitably within athletics. 

The Guidance document is intended to provide guidance for Race Organisers to ensure they are working under the guidance of the England Athletics Inclusion Policy and within the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. 

To see these documents and more information, please visit: www.englandathletics.org/disabilityathletics