Sussex AA Privacy Policy- May 2018 Sussex AA is a competition provider running county teams, leagues, championships and training/development squads. In order to fulfil these roles, it is essential to collect and hold data on affiliated clubs, as well as athletes. When clubs affiliate to Sussex AA they give permission for us to use that information to contact them. If clubs cease membership to Sussex AA, all information provided by them is removed along with their listing and contact information. County Championships and League meetings are held in compliance with UKA Rules for Competition. For eligibility to compete, athletes need to provide personal data including a DOB, club affiliation, England Athletics registration number, contact information (email/address and/or telephone). This date is used to run competitions. It is held on our system as a record of performances (PBs, CBPs, records). It is also used as a way of providing information on future events etc. Unless it is requested that this information is removed, by emailing Removing this information would mean any records set may no longer appear on the Sussex AA website/in literature. It would also mean your result information from competitions/events would no longer be published on the Sussex AA website, on Po10 and in Athletics Weekly. On top of this, we would not be able to provide county team managers, newspapers and officials any of your contact details. Sussex AA allows authorised people to photograph athletes within competition/medal presentation/squad training environments. These photographs are used for publicity & promotional purposes, especially for our website or Twitter/Facebook page. At some meetings we have press reporters and official championship photographers. When entering Sussex AA competitions/training and development squads it is assumed that you are giving permission for such photographs to be taken. Should a photo appear on our website or Facebook page which you would like removed, please email