Officials' magazine 'For the Record'

The most recent edition of the England Athletics Officials' magazine 'For the Record' can be downloaded from the England Athletics website .

It contains relevant news and articles for officials of all levels and disciplines and this edition has details of five new booklets, which have been produced for new officials wanting to know where to begin.

Hard copies are also available by post from Nicola Evans.

Qualified Officials Are Needed

Just as a cricket match needs a couple of umpires and a rugby or football match needs a ref and two linesmen, so an athletics match needs its own complement of officials.  An average match requires between 20 and 30 officials to run smoothly.   Thankfully this burden is shared between the competing clubs but it has to recognised that at the time of writing not one club in Sussex could honestly claim to be able to fill its obligations with a full set of qualified officials in all four of the disciplines concerned.  

In fact a number of our clubs, although competing regularly in track meetings, have no qualified officials at all.   This is a most unsatisfactory situation and it is essential that we enlist more people into the enjoyable and satisfying world of athletics officials.  

The process is not arduous.   The starting point is through either a Level 1 or Level 2 course, in either case this a single short day of about 10 am to 3 pm.   Level 1 is the entry level, mainly for juniors, and covers all aspects of the sport at a general level and leads to a qualification, after attending and helping at four meetings, for assisting more experienced people in grass roots meetings.  

Level 2 is at a higher level and is the level at which most adults would make their entry into officiating.  At this level it is necessary to specialise in one of the four disciplines of starter/marksman, field judge, track judge or timekeeper.   Experience at just four meetings, each signed off in a logbook, then achieves the status of level 2a, a club level official.  Moving up then to county level is very straightforward and further progress to regional or even national level would be encouraged but the immediate need is for local officials at our grass roots level.   Any further progress would be entirely up to the individual.

Courses are held during the winter months (all the tutors are too busy officiating during the summer season!) and full details will be found on the England Athletics website under the heading Courses and Bookings. Although courses will be held here in Sussex, it is not necessary to attend a course in your home county.  You can book on one anywhere in the country.    The cost is £30 and certainly most, probably all clubs will meet this expense.

Anyone needing more information is welcome to contact John Gill by email.


Not only are officials needed, but so are tutors to deliver the courses.  Anyone wishing to be part of this education programme is welcome to make an initial contact with John Gill or may like to get in touch with England Athletics directly and speak to Rebecca Turford telephone 07850 515094 or contact her by EMAIL .

Officials' Contact details

Sussex County Athletics Association maintains a database of active officials in Sussex and their contact details. The current aim is to get email addresses on record for everyone to save on the cost and time of communications. 

Please contact John Gill by EMAIL or John Linfield to pass on your email address or notify us of any changes to your other contact details or status as an official.

Sussex Officials Secretary 

Peter Kennedy: 01273 477062 (hm)  / 07808 033532 (mb) 

Email: here

At least one course, covering all the disciplines, is organised in Sussex every year and there are many others within an hour's driving distance.

UKA Rules Handbook 

The current UK Athletics "Rules for Competition" is effective from April 2016-2018 and can be downloaded here.

Copies are sent to all club secretaries and extra copies can be ordered fro mthe UKA at a cost of £5.50 + pp, from:

UK Athletics Book Centre
Lyon House
16 Lyon Road
Walton on Thames
KT12 3PU


Alternatively you can email here or call 01932 225591.