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County Officials Secretary (Endurance)


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John Linfield


Graham Jessop



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County track and field competitions where your assistance would be welcome





County fixtures

* Joint Meeting with Surrey


Sat 11 - Sun 12 May

Sussex County Championships

K2, Crawley RH11 9BQ

Wed 29 May

Sussex Schools Combined Events

K2, Crawley RH11 9BQ

Sun 02 June

Sussex Masters Championships (*)

Kingston (tbc) KT1 3PB

Sat 08 June

Sussex Schools Championships

K2, Crawley RH11 9BQ

Sun 07 July

Sussex U13 & Quadkids Championships

Brighton BN1 5JD

Fri 30 Aug

Sussex U15 League Final

Brighton BN1 5JD

Sun 01 Sep

Sussex U13 League Final inc 3k Championships

K2, Crawley RH11 9BQ

Sat 07 - Sun 08 Sep

Sussex Combined Events Championships incl. Walks/Steeplechase Championships (*)

Sutton SM5 1SL




Inter counties fixtures


Sat 15 Jun

Schools Regional Inter Counties

Erith DA8 3AT

Sat 22 - Sun 23 Jun

Schools Regional Combined Events

Basingstoke RG22 5SN

Sun 14 Jul

Senior Inter Counties

Ashford TN24 9QX

Sun 21 Jul

U17 Inter Counties

Chelmsford CM1 2EH

Sat 27 Jul

U13 Inter Counties

Kingston KT1 3PB


Current Training Courses

Choose the Level 1 module which suits you, plus the Health & Safety module if you haven’t already completed it previously.  An online version of the Health & Safety module is coming soon.  Most clubs will be willing to refund any payment you have made for this training.




Course Reference




31 Mar 2019

Health & Safety



K2 Crawley


31 Mar 2019

Level 1 Field



K2 Crawley


31 Mar 2019

Level 1 Track



K2 Crawley


31 Mar 2019

Level 1 Starter



K2 Crawley



Any help is welcome

Almost every athletics meeting needs extra volunteers to step in when there aren’t enough qualified officials.  You don’t need any prior experience or technical knowledge for many of the roles and you can expect to enjoy helping and your contribution will be much appreciated.  If you are interested, continue reading about what it means to help as a field judge here


Qualified Officials are needed

Just as a cricket match needs a couple of umpires and a rugby or football match needs a ref and two linesmen, so an athletics match needs its own complement of officials.  An average match requires between 20 and 30 officials to run smoothly.   Thankfully this burden is shared between the competing clubs, but it has to recognised that at the time of writing not one club in Sussex could honestly claim to be able to fill its obligations for a track meeting with a full set of qualified officials in all four of the disciplines (track, field, starters, timekeepers) concerned.   There are similar challenges in the other disciplines of endurance, race walking and photofinish.

In fact, a number of our clubs, although competing regularly in track meetings, have no qualified officials at all.   This is a most unsatisfactory situation and it is essential that we enlist more people into the enjoyable and satisfying world of athletics officials.   

The only qualities we ask for are a willingness to help athletes/fellow officials and a willingness to learn and improve your officiating skills, no matter what level you are.

You can read a description of each of the roles of officials in each athletics discipline on the website here.  For information on how to qualify as an official refer to the briefing notes on the officiating journey provided by England Athletics here

The very first part of the “journey”, which has to be repeated every three years is a DBS check to help safeguard young people and vulnerable adults whilst they are participating in athletics.  For more details refer to the information provided by England Athletics here.  When you follow the online process, you will be asked to choose someone to review the three forms of identity document you have selected.  There will be at least one authorised evidence checker /verifier at your club whom you can go to.  Alternatively, you can choose the County Officials Secretary to check/verify your documents by looking under the club called “Sussex”.

Besides helping at your club fixtures, the best opportunity to gain experience as a track and field official without travelling too far is to help at the county events.  You will find there many experienced officials to guide you in whatever role you are fulfilling and whether you are qualified or not.  The event leaders will “mentor” trainee officials so that they can go away feeling they had an enjoyable (but possibly tiring) day as well as learning a lot.

A minor but important part of being an official is to keep your contact details up-to-date.  The only person who knows when something needs to change is you!  You can help everyone by using the England Athletics Portal to update your own information.  This page is the same page as athletes and coaches use but usage by new officials will be set up as soon as you are enrolled in an officials training course.  For guidance with this refer to the England Athletics Portal Help page. If you are still not sure what to do, then contact one of the County Officials secretaries for help.


Clothing and Equipment

Once you start to gain experience, you will quickly realize that officiating is more enjoyable with the right equipment, starting with a weatherproof clipboard and waterproof clothing.  As soon as you help officiate at a county championships, you will be given a Sussex officials sweatshirt and fleece.  We plan to expand the opportunities for obtaining the right equipment but for now you can refer to the following websites:

and also be aware that much of what you will need is available by improvising with clothing/stationery/hardware that is not specific to athletics.


UKA Rules Book

All qualified officials should have a copy of the current UKA rule book as part of their kit they take to every fixture.  There is a new edition published every 2 years.  You can purchase a copy of the A5-sized rule book via the UKA Rules website but this will not normally be necessary because Sussex County Athletics has copies for distribution to all active officials at level 2 and above or those working towards their level 2 – contact the County Officials Secretary to get your copy.  There is also an electronic copy of the rule book on the UKA Rules webpage, which can be useful in searching for specific information as well as details of the changes in a new version of the rule book.


Other Useful Links

Once you have qualified as Level 1 official there is no more official training until national level 4, but as well as learning by experience there are other ways to expand your knowledge:

  • Join the South England Athletics Officials Association and benefit from members’ offers and a variety of presentations and hands-on training at their annual conference
  • Refer to Run Britain for guidance on becoming a race director or event adjudicator
  • Attend the officials’ conferences organised by England Athletics and UKA.  Details of these events and other training opportunities can be found on the England Athletics Officials News page