Licences and Permits

Most athletic events taking place in Sussex now require permission to promote and applications for permission must be made to the delegated Permitting Authority prior to the event being held.

Safety, alongside the effective organisation of all competitions, is a pivotal part of UK Athletics mission. Licenses and Permits are designed to provide a guarantee of high standards in all events held under the UK Athletics name.

UK Athletics governs the Rules for Competition for the following disciplines:

  • Track and Field Competition
  • Road Running Competition
  • Cross Country Running
  • Fell and Hill Running
  • Race Walking
  • Trail Running

Click this link to access the UKA RULES FOR COMPETITION

Follow the links below to find out what you need to do if you are organising a competition.   


Event Organiser’s Checks


Road Running


Track and Field

Process for Track and Field Permitting 2017 - download here

Permit Application Form - download here

Permit Application – Additional Information Sheet - download here

Guidelines & Principles 2017 Comp Providers - download here


Cross Country

English Cross Country Association Permits


Fell Runners Association

FRA Guidelines for Race Organisers 2017


Race Walking

Permit Application Race Walking Association


Trail Running